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Automotive wiring harness manufacturers|How about the performance of automotive wiring harness? How to judge?
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   1, three electrical tests, three full inspections and random inspections to ensure that all products pass

  2. The image is clear, without distortion, and the signal attenuation is small

  3, the connection line is stable and reliable in contact, and the number of plug-in and pull-out times is more than 1,000

  4. Temperature resistance range: minus 20 degrees Celsius to minus 80 degrees Celsius, and the waterproof rating is 94VO-1

   5. The conductor is 99.99% oxygen-free copper, with low impedance and strong oxidation resistance

   6. The product has been tested for tensile strength and has strong tensile strength

  7, the wire has good flexibility, which is good for assembly

   8. The rated working current meets the standard requirements.

   When the current increases, the wire will work normally without softening

   9. The plug contacts the conductive part, with good electroplating and strong oxidation resistance

  10. No lack of glue, no lack of glue, broken skin and other appearance defects.

  Length, size, etc. all meet the standard requirements

  11, the product material complies with EU ROHS and REACH standards

  12. The production process is reliable and stable to ensure that there will be no short circuit, open circuit, etc. during use