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What are the faults of wire harness processing?
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Electronic wiring harness processing manufacturers introduce the faults of wiring harness processing: poor contact of connectors, short circuits between wires, open circuits, grounding, etc. There are several reasons for the processing of electronic wiring harness:

  1) Natural damage to the wire bundle after the service life is exceeded, the wire is aged, the insulation layer is broken, and the mechanical strength is significantly reduced, causing short circuits, open circuits, grounding, etc. between the wires, causing the wire bundle to burn out. The wiring harness terminal is oxidized and deformed, resulting in poor contact, etc., which will cause the electrical equipment to fail to work normally.


2) Damage to the wiring harness due to electrical equipment failures When electrical equipment is overloaded, short-circuited, grounded, and other faults, the wiring harness may be damaged. 

3) When assembling or overhauling auto parts due to human faults, metal objects crush the wire bundle and rupture the insulation layer of the wire bundle; the position of the wire bundle is improper; the lead position of the electrical equipment is connected incorrectly; the positive and negative leads of the battery are connected reversely; and One point, when electronic wiring harness manufacturers find faults in the repair circuit, random connection, random cutting of wiring harness wires, etc., can cause abnormal operation of electrical equipment, and even burn the wiring harness.